Technical Ignite: Displaying the room temperatue in a LCD Board using the Intel galileo

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Displaying the room temperatue in a LCD Board using the Intel galileo

We are happy to announce that the new flavor of tech is going to start from this day. Yes, we are going to share the projects made using Intel Galileo. Here in this tutorial lets start from a basic way of displaying the current room temperature in the RGB Board

So, Lets Kickstart

Skillset : Beginner
Time Required : 15 - 20 Minutes

Materials  Required:
1. Intel Galileo Gen 2 Board
2. Proper Charger or other alternate Power source for powering the Galileo Board
3. Temperature Sensor
4. RGB LCD Display
5. Base Shield
6. USB Cable
7. Connecting Wires

Software Required:
Arduino Software 1.5.3 (You can download for Windows both versions here Arduino 1.5.3 Intel Galileo for Windows

Or If you want to choose from a variety of other software packages (Please Check here)

Step 1 : Power up the Galileo Board with proper power supply and wait till the light near the USB blinks in the board(as shown in the Following Picture) before connecting the USB Cable or you may damage your Galileo Board

Though this is a basic step but a most important one.

Step 2: Connect the USB Cable to your Computer from the USB Client Port in the Galileo Board as show in Picture

Step 3: Run The Arduino 1.5.3 Software in your Computer and setup the Board to Intel Galileo Gen 2 in the Tools < Board Option and check whether the port of the connected board is shown appropriately in the Tools < Serial Port and check the box, if not checked already. (As shown in the following pictures)

Step 4:

Connect the Base shield over the Galileo Board

Step 5:

Connect the Temperature Sensor to the Base shield to Port A0 (As shown in Figure)

Step 6:

Connect the RGB LCD to the I2C Port( As shown in picture)

Step 7:

Copy Paste the following Program in the Arduino Window and hit Upload. You are done :)
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