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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Project Topics for Automobile Engineering

The Projects are the things which will speak more words than us to explain our knowledge. The Good projects we choose will help us in the interview related sessions for job placement in Companies. Mostly many students are very capable of doing the best projects but unfortunately the topic of the project shatters them all. In Some conditions some students go very higher heights in their field due to the best project topics selected by them. So, all left in  choosing  the best topic for project. Many Final Year students don't have a clear idea about the projects and so we are in a  plan to guide them. As an initial step we are going to publish posts regarding them. In this post the best topics to choose in the automobile field are given:

Project Topics

1)      Joystick controlled car drive mechanism for physically challenged people.
2)      Emission controlled in two stroke petrol engine by using multiple spark.
3)      Experimental investigation of an air conditioning system by LPG engine.
4)      Automatic reverse locking system using differential unit.
5)      Fabrication of variable volume engine.
6)      Fabrication of buggy with solar hybrid vehicle.
7)      Air compressor using crank and slotted lever mechanism.
8)      Visual landing gear arrangement with tyre pressure inflation system.
9)      Automatic vehicle locking mechanism without helmet.
10)     Hybrid power consumption in train with pneumatic bumper.
11)     Button operated gear shifting system for two wheelers.
12)     Integrated drunk and drive prevention system.
13)     Fabrication of cam less air conditioner.

14)     Automatic gear transmission for two wheelers.
15)     Sterling engine with parabolic collector.
16)     Fabrication of personal mover with engine.
17)     Elimination of chain drive in by-cycle.
18)     Fabrication of anti theft steering system.
19)     Fabrication of exhaust gas heat recovery power generation system.
20)     Fabrication of self starter for TVS XL.
21)     Fabrication of fuel processing technology.
22)     Fabrication of electro-magnetic suspension.
23)     Shock absorber test rig using cam and sensors.
24)     Solar powered remote control aircrafts.
25)     Fabrication of cooling jacket for motor cycle.
26)     Efficiency increasing system by using pre-heating method.
27)     Regenerative hydraulic acceleration assists system.
28)     Fabrication of six stroke engine.
29)     Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for
four wheelers.
30)     Regenerative braking using pneumatic interface.

The Updates for other fields will also be made available soon..... 

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