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Saturday, 13 August 2011


Gears are the mechanical components which are known to transfer the motion from one part to the other part. The gears are available in  different shapes according to the place of application.

Shapes of Gears
1. Circular
2. Helical
3. Elliptical
4. Worm Shaped
5. Spiral etc.,

                                           A typical gear wheel with 2D profile explanation

Above given picture contains the Nomenclature of Gears.

The basic Nomenclature is as follows:
1. Addendum
2. Dedundum
3. Tooth Thickness
4. Pitch
5. Top land
6. Bottom Land
7. Face Width
8. Circular Pitch
9. Pitch Circle
10. Base Radius.

Spur Gear - This is most recognisable gear Wheel. This is used to transfer the rotary motion between the parallel shafts. The tooth located around the periphery are parallel to the axis of the gear wheel.

       Bevel Gear- This is used when there is necessity for transfer of motion through the perpendicular shafts.

Worm Gear  - This gear is also used when the motion is to be transferred in a perpendicular manner.

Helical Gear - This is called as helical gear because the tooth in this are inclined at some angle. This is more often used for the parallel motion transfer.

 Herring Bone Gear / Double Helical Gear - This gear has inclined tooth which is a mirror of one on the other side about the centre. This is used for the transfer of motion between the parallel Shafts.

Internal Gear - In this type of gears the tooth is present in the internal side.

 Involute spline gear - This gear has the involute shaped gear profile.

Rack and Pinion  - This type of gearing has a Comb Shaped part called called as Rack and a small gear called Pinion moves along the teeth of the Rack.  This is used to transfer motion in a perpendicular manner.

 Sprockets - This is some what be included under gear category since it has tooth around its periphery. This is used most widely in bicycles. For the transfer of motion, a chain moves around it.

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